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I have long had a love/hate relationship with the state of Missouri.

I spent my entire life and childhood there until I jumped ship and moved to Chicago for college in ’07, and definitely did not look back. It was good riddance as far as I was concerned. It was just a bunch of boring towns with boring people leading boring lives. I needed some more excitement in my life that I didn’t believe Missouri could offer me.

My roots are in Missouri though, and it’s impossible to rip them out because they’ve grown too deep. I am back here right now helping a friend (who I’ve had since high school) take care of her 2 kids while she recovers from surgery. Being in my hometown always gets memories flowing and encourages reflection on my life as a whole story.

Over the years I’ve bought into a lot of the stereotypes surrounding my home state (the hicks, general boring-ness, conservatives living in a Midwest bubble, etc), but then again, I’m constantly proven wrong.

Adjectives that can describe other (more “romanticized”) states like ‘majestic’, ‘breath-taking’, and ‘awe-inspiring’ are not typical of Missouri… But while I was here this week I realized what I love about this place: it’s quiet, simplistic beauty. Some other more glamorized places you can just drive by in your car and see the greatness of the landscape, like the mountains of Colorado or the beaches in Florida; Missouri’s beauty on the other hand requires a closer look. Getting out of the car is definitely a necessity, and looking up close is the golden rule.




(pictures I took from my last trip here ^ )

Missouri IS a majestic, breath-taking & sometimes awe-inspiring place… It is rich in history, culture, people, and simplistic beauty. It’s a place I feel good to have come from, and a place I’m proud to share with my daughter when I begin to teach her life-lessons (…like all that glitters is not gold).

I guess I’ve finally made peace with Missouri. My appreciation has been growing… I don’t ever picture myself living here again, but visiting will always feel like coming home for a much-needed reunion.


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