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If you haven’t already, go read a little about me so you know where I’m coming from. Or just keep reading and figure it out as you go… think of it like a puzzle, where the finished image is… my face.

This is my first post on wordpress, but not my first blog post by FAR. Hell, I had an original Xanga! I’ve been blogging since I was 12, and I started keeping a written journal at age 9. Yeah, you read that right.. I even still have it! I was writing about playdates, climbing trees, hating chores and the neighborhood kids; while it was kind of uninteresting, I’m pretty proud I had few spelling errors, my handwriting was legible, and I was dedicated enough to keep it going for over 8 months.

Wow, I digress. So, as I was saying, this is my first post on here after switching to wordpress from blogspot. I’m contemplating if I should transfer the posts from my blogspot over here, or if that’s just blogger-cheating. Is it? I have no idea. The thing is, I have been religiously putting updates on my blogspot about my daughter’s unfolding health mystery for interested friends and family… I suppose I could continue doing that for them, but do my own thing on here (brainstorming out loud, sorry). I’ll just wing it.

Since I am on the subject (and I’m leaning towards not transferring my old posts and just starting fresh on here) I’ll just explain briefly about my daughter, because I’m positive I’m going to bring this up again.

Here we go: Rea turned 1 year this past weekend. She has not grown in weight, height or head circumference since she was 5 months old (and yes, her diet is wonderful).We’ve done a bunch of tests to see why her growth has stopped, but no answers as of yet. We are seeing a Geneticist next week, and have an appointment with an Endocrinologist in July if we don’t find an answer with the geneticist. The end.

Alright this is already longer than I planned, I’m gonna stop now :D


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